Snoring Terminator
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Welcome to Snoring Terminator!

Download Free Version

Snoring Terminator™ (ST) is an iPhone app that monitors sleep quality and detects and suppresses snoring. In our field tests, the app detected and recorded hundreds of snores every night.

In response to a snore, ST randomly selects a sound file from a preloaded library of over 200 Terminator sounds and plays it back to disrupt the snoring pattern without waking the user up. If the snorer chooses to wear an earpiece, only the snorer will hear the Terminator sounds.

ST stores the sleep-time data and recorded snoring sounds in daily log files, weekly summary and comparison to annual averages. You can also share your logs on Facebook.  ST comes with pre-loaded sample logs so you can play with them from day one.

Snoring Terminator includes one-tap access to the Snorers’ Club website at where you can post your comments or fun stories, or connect with many others impacted by snoring.

ST comes with its own easy-to-use alarm clock, which allows saving up to five different alarms with their own ring tones - please look at the included screenshots.

The free Snoring Terminator – Preview Edition includes all the screens of the full version except for the one that monitors your sleep, detects and records snoring, emits the Terminator sounds, and records your personal sleeping logs.

You can preview and download the free version of Snoring Terminator from the Apple iTunes Store. Then you can easily purchase the Full Edition from within the application - it’s only $1.99.

Download Snoring Terminator and stop snoring tonight!


Snoring Terminator receives 5-stars rating on iTunes App Store!

ST_Review_5_stars_w_text.gif ST_Review_5_stars_iTunes.gif

To those who commented on iTunes App Store: We wanted to offer a full version for free for a limited time with an option to buy, but Apple does not allow it - only a preview version with an in-app purchase.